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So, what exactly is windfoiling?


Windfoiling, aka foil windsurfing, is about windsurfing 90 cm above the water on a hydrofoil. A windfoil is like an underwater glider that allows you to fly over the water. The foil transmits a hydrodynamic lift force to the board, capable of lifting it out of the water. The goal is of course to reduce drag and increase performance.

The principle of hydrofoiling (or foiling) has been known for a while already. The kitesurfing industry had previously launched hydrofoil to kitesurf and many have discovered hydrofoil surfing on waves as well. It was definitely time for windsurfing to adapt this technology to the sport.

Why did we start this website about windfoiling?

This website is the result of many hours of frustration in trying to find relevant content about windfoiling on the internet. We were sick of spending so much time and energy on looking through forums and websites just to find a few reviews on windfoils that we were interested in. There were small bits and pieces of information on multiple sites dedicated to windsurfing, but unfortunately, it was challenging and time consuming and most people don't have time to dig through each website to find info that they need.​


Here, we have it all in one place – we did the digging for you.

This is where WINDFOIL ZONE comes in:

We realized that it would have been great to have a website that gathers all foiling topics in one, easy place: products, news, videos, and building a community of windfoilers around it.


Today, we are proud to say that WINDFOIL ZONE offers the most resources & info, completely dedicated to windfoiling.​

We believe that finding a foil that fits your windsurf style may be hard, as there are so many brands currently offering windfoils on the market. That’s why this blog & resource was created, to help you navigate in the wild, foil-jungle, by sharing product descriptions, reviews from different sources, and interviews and tips from professionals in the industry.​

A new generation of windfoils

Fortunately, brands like AHD dared to continue researching within foiling, and launched some prototypes of the new generation of windfoils a few years ago. The prototypes were successful, giving windfoils a second life – and a new boost in the foil-mania!

​The reason for the success in producing windfoils this time was due to several factors:

  • Lighter windsurf equipment

  • The lower costs of composite materials

  • The lower manufacturing costs

  • The growing popularity of kitefoiling​

​Things are now evolving quickly. The popularity of kitefoiling was a starting point for windfoiling, showing that foiling was an attractive discipline. This was enough to encourage the big windsurfing brands to invest in R&D. They really believe that this concept may be a new birth for windsurfing, which has been constantly declining since 2000. 

The positive thing for us consumers is that new windfoils are constantly entering the market, which means that prices are getting more reasonable, especially with foils in stainless steel or alloy foils.​ Making this sport accessible to everyone!

​At the same time, most windsurfers are curious about the new dimension of windsurfing and search the web for information. WINDFOIL ZONE is hopefully a great resource for that purpose.​​

The purpose of Windfoil Zone is here to give you all information that you need to start foil windsurfing. Which products to choose from & their prices, how to learn windfoiling, windfoil reviews, tips and tricks from professionals, and even interviews from the experts in the industry.
Basically – anything you want to know about the windfoiling world, you’ll find it here!

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