Gaastra is finally entering the foiling game with its new Vapor Air.

We have discussed with Peter Munzlinger, Head designer of Gaastra, and here are his words to describe his new sail:

“The Vapor AIR is our PWA Hydrofoil racing sail, a no-compromise design aimed at podium performance. The Air already showed its potential during the development for all last season, culminating with Sebastian Koerdel’s vice-world title at the PWA and his victory at the Azores Challenge.


Foiling is so different from traditional windsurfing that we had to explore completely new solutions. The result is radical and our successful 2018 foil season with the prototypes shows us we went in the right direction.

To design the Vapor Air, we started with the Vapor as a base, but ended with a completely different beast. A radical outline with an extremely high aspect ratio and short boom. It is developed for maximum performance on the foil, which is completely different than slalom sailing:


The foot is super low to close the gap perfectly between the sail and the board and the flexibility of the rig is reduced as there is no need to absorb the chop. This enables extreme upwind and downwind angles with maximum control in a wide wind range. 4 camber inducers and a wide mast sleeve create great aerodynamic. The Vapor Air looks more like an airplane wing than a windsurfing sail.”

Available sizes: 6.8 -7.8 - 8.8 - 9.8m

Luff: 470 - 575

Boom: 204 - 232




Gaastra is a well-known windsurf sail brand, but they have now launched a new range of windfoil for freeriding / freeracing:

Source and pictures on this page: GAASTRA


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