Gone Surfing is a Windsurf Center located in the Eastern part of Crete Island close to the well known village of Palekastro, on Kouremenos Beach in Greece.


Kouremenos is a blessed place, its wind statistics can only be compared only with the windiest places in the world, the wind is increased due to the local thermal and funneling effect.


The Meltemi winds of North Crete have also made this the ideal location for the biggest windmill parks. The Beach is 1.5km long and is one of the longest beaches in eastern Crete.


Its white sand and crystal clear waters, with tamarisk trees lining the coast make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. The water in front of the Gone Surfing center is flat, however, when you sail further out there is big chop for bump and jump.


The center is also surrounded by trees providing day-round shade for those wanting to take a well-earned nap on the beach, and makes it friendly for the family as it provides shelter from the sun and the wind.


Gone Surfing offers a wide range of Fanatic boards in different editions, you will find Team Edition (carbon) (WAVE, FREESTYLE, FREESTYLEWAVE, SLALOM), bamboo edition (GECKO, HAWK), CWS, BGS and HRS Edition ,they also provide the best wave/freeride/freemove/beginner sails from NORTH SAILS. Since


2017 Gone Surfing is providing TANDEM boards and FOIL boards!!

All the sails are rigged with 75%-80% and 100% RDM masts so that they can perform at their best. Also since 2017 we offer also Wind Foil Rental!


The Gone Surfing Team has the enthusiasm, teaching skills and equipment to suit all. If this is not enough they recommend a variety of alternative activities for you and your family. The Team knows how to work hard and has experience in a variety of working environments.


They understand how vital a holiday can be and they want to ensure that you will forget about your boss, your bills, the pressure of daily life and your mother in law. They guarantee that you will have FUN and FEEL that you've GONE SURFING.


Your experiences at Kouremenos will remain unforgettable to you.

Life is too short to wait!

E-MAIL: gonesurfingcrete@gmail.com

TEL: +30 6941 427 787

Facebook: Gone Surfing

Website: http://www.gonesurfing.gr/en/





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