The Flight aluminium foil by Neilpryde is designed for freeriding.

The FLIGHT F4 Foil is a no-compromise ultimate performance carbon foil designed in collaboration with F4 FoilsFins USA.



The new FlightEvo is a windfoil sail with high aspect ratio for optimised speed, balance and control. A top notch foil racing sail.

The FlightEvo has a progressive aspect ratio across different sail sizes in order to address the specific functionality.


Higher aspect ratio in larger sizes (7.8 and up) increases light wind efficiency and performance of the rig as well as improving maneuverability at the marks by reducing the boom length.


Lower aspect ratio in smaller sizes (7.0 and down) helps maintain top-end control and stability by focusing the sail center of effort around the rider area where it is easier to control.

Price from €1250





RS:Convertible is a multi generational one-design Wind Foiling Class featuring 2 divisions: the RS:X and the RS:One Convertible.


Both divisions are capable of racing with 2 modes (mode 1: foil and mode 2: fin) with the same board and rigs.


The RS:X Convertible is the Elite Division featuring an ultimate convertible performing pack with the latest technologies available in the industry. Full Carbon foil, full carbon fin with a 7.8 for the men and 7.0 for the women.


The RS:One Convertible is the universal Division coming from the same Pedigree of the RS:X Convertible but with more accessible features such Aluminium foil, Prepreg Glass fin with a 7.8 rig for the men, 7.0 for the women/ youth boys and 6.3 for the youth girls (U18).


More about the RS:Convertible Class





The new one design performance racing concept: one board, one foil, one fin, one rig.

With the RS:X Convertible, windsurfers can now foil in light breezes and switch to a fin mode in stronger conditions.


The NeilPryde RS:X Convertible is also driven to become the future Olympic windsurfing ultimate flying board. As the Olympics is the pinnacle of nearly all major sporting achievements, the RS:X Convertible should also be the pinnacle of achievement in windsurfing with the best performances and featuring the latest technologies available in the industry.


Development was carried out entirely in France with such experts as the three-time RS:X World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist, Julien Bontemps, leading wind-foiler, Benjamin Tillier, and top French slalom racer, Damien Leguen.


Source and pictures on this page: NEILPRYDE


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