North Beach Windsurfing has been providing the St. Pete Beach, FL, area with the exhilaration of windsurfing adventures since 1999. Owner, Britt Viehman, began his love of windsurfing while competing on the windsurfing team at Eckerd College (in St Pete, FL).  After college, he decided to open a business that would allow him to indulge in the sport he loved, while teaching others how to windsurf as well. Over the years, he has continued to hone his teaching skills, earning his certification as a US Sailing Instructor / Trainer.

Britt has coached several high level windsurfing competitors who have competed in the Olympic Trials and the Youth Olympic Games. Along the way, he was joined by Karen Marriott who has also been teaching windsurfing, along with organizing women's windsurfing adventures, and selling windsurfing gear since the late 1990's.

The North Beach Windsurfing retail store originally opened in a corner of a local bike shop, but has since expanded to our St Pete Beach location, at 4227 Gulf Blvd., where we have room for a full line of windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding gear and equipment for sale or rent. Windsurfing classes are taught by expert instructors who specialize at teaching windsurfers of all skill levels. Additionally, our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are passionate about providing customers with everything they need for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water!


By now you’ve seen the pictures and videos, maybe there is even someone at your local sailing spot who has one. Foils are the trendy new thing on the windsurfing scene...but is it going to last, or is it just a fad?


We believe that foils are the future of windsurfing (and other water sports as well, such as surfing and SUP). For windsurfing, the efficiency gains in light wind are really game changing.


As a long time formula racer, Britt says

“I can be foiling with an 105 liter foil board and a 7.0m foil sail in in 5-6 knots of wind. That is before I could be planing on a formula board with a 12.0m sail. And on a foil I have the maneuverability that you would expect from a wave board - tight jibes and lots of carving. Plus I get the feeling of snowboarding or skiing on a powder day. A floating feeling that reminds me of snowboarding in waist deep powder - it is a silent, floaty, flying sensation.”

We offer windsurfing and foiling lessons as well as rentals and gear sales.

Foiling lessons are available all year long, 7 days a week - just give us a call or send us an e-mail to schedule yours!

E-MAIL: britt@nbwindsurfing.com

TEL: 727.656.6569




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