Great advice from windfoil lovers - part 1 - Eli Fuller

We sometimes receive comments from Windfoil Zone's readers saying that they love our content (thanks, thanks!), but would love to get some pieces of advice from "regular windfoilers", not only PWA pros and freestyle gurus.

This is a fair and legitime comment as the big majority of windfoilers will remain regular windsurfers who want to experience a new sensation and have fun on the water.

For that reason, we are now starting a new series of small interviews featuring experienced but "normal windfoilers", aka “windfoil lovers”.

I hope you will find these interviews entertaining and full of good advice for your next windfoiling session. First out, Eli Fuller, who actually used to compete in the PWA in the late '90s!

Name: Eli Fuller

Age: 46

Job: Tour Operator

Home spot: Antigua and Barbuda

Windfoil gear: right now it's slingshot and exocet boards and slingshot and progressive foils

Windsurfing since: 1984

Instagram: @antiguan

  • Hi Eli, Tell us about your first windfoil session :

I got my gear in October 2018, and the wind died right away so rigged big and went out. Using a 9.5 meter in fluky conditions was tough, but got up and was hooked well and good.

I'd done plenty of kitefoiling but my roots were always windsurfing and figured it'd be a better fit for me. It was.

  • What are your preferred windfoiling conditions?

These days I'm loving when it's anything from about 14-24 knots and as I'm trying new transitions and stuff like that, I kinda like it when it's done in flat clear beautiful water. I'm appreciating it all so much more with this new stoke.

  • What is the last thing you have tried or learned on a windfoil?

I recently did a few lay down 360s which were kinda cool in the 80s. I found the trick to doing them and most transition type moves is to realize that they don't have to be so tight when you're learning. Go further down wind than you'd normally go while regular windsurfing but keep that sail low.

Doing this in crystal clear warm water helps because falling isn't a problem at all. Don't take any of this too seriously and have fun. It's why we got into windsurfing all those years and maybe what we've been missing in the later years.

  • What are the best advice you could give to a windfoil beginner?

- Have fun! It's not a competition so go by yourself or with friends and just enjoy the ride.

- There's plenty of difference in the various foils. The Slingshot Hover Glide is so forgiving yet kinda speedy that I think it's a good one to start with and on day one you will be hopelessly hooked.

- Pay very keen attention to mast foot position on the specific setup you are using. Boom height too. Get those settings right and it'll be way easier but if you don't, then it's not gonna work.

- Don't spend loads of money on sails, booms and masts. Save that cash for a good board and good foil.

  • Anything you want to add to finish off?

If you stopped windsurfing because it was all too expensive and the winds were never strong enough but miss the incredible feeling of flying across the water….. Then dust off the old sail, put some duct tape on the monofilm, buy a board and foil and get out there. You'll be on the water way more than you ever were before.

I've had a total knee replacement and this is the only watersport that has been easy on my knee.

I'm in love!

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