Great Advice from Windfoil Lovers - Part 5 - Rok Puvar

Round 5 from our series "Windfoil Tips from Windfoil Lovers" where we interviewed regular folks, like you and I, who are also experienced windfoilers, and asked them for their best tips and tricks.

Today, let’s meet Rok Puvar, who shares some useful tips on how to get going on the foil.

Name: Rok Puvar

Age: 37

Job: Lifeguard & Internet Store

Home spot: Seca, Slovenia

Windfoil gear: Horue vini cr, lw & xlw wing

Windsurfing since: 2008

Instagram: @lifebehindpaddle

  • Tell us about your first windfoil session?

My first windfoil session was last February (2018) in the middle of the winter. I had several up and down flights and that was it. But the next day I started to fly and it was best feeling in the world!

  • What are your preferred windfoiling conditions?

The best conditions are flatwater with wind around 13-15 kt, I use a formula board, 7m2 slalom sail and Horue CR wing. What I really like about windfoiling is that I use only one board, one sail and 3 different front wings on the foil from 8-30 knots.

  • What is the last thing you have tried or learned on a windfoil?

I really like to go high upwind and deep downwind. For high upwind you must lean out, close the sail and put pressure on the front foot. For deep downwind you need to step almost on top of the foil, open the sail, and enjoy the free flight J

  • What are some of the best pieces of advice you could give to a windfoil beginner?

- As soon as you start flying, just release your back arm and the foil will be under control… if you don’t release your back arm, you will probably just go up and down…

- For early take off: as soon as you start planing, just add one or two pumps with your back foot and you should start flying.

- If you are underpowered you should put more weight on the back foot; if you are overpowered, you should put weight on the front foot.

  • Anything you want to add to finish off?

Windfoiling is really next level…

After one year of foiling the feeling is still the same:

WOOOOW is this real??!!!

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