Mantafoils Mono review

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Mantafoils has been around for many years, first as a kitefoil brand, then windfoil and SUP-foil.

Mantafoils offers products which are not only high in value, but also easy on the pocketbook.

Their aluminium foils are some of the cheapest currently available on the market. The Mono is also an all-in-one concept with a smart modular foil system: you can easily switch the mast, wing or fuselage to adapt to changing weather conditions, to upgrade your foil, or to transform the foil into a kitefoil or a SUP-foil.

We have tried the Mantafoils Mono aluminium windfoil with 2 front wings (770 cm2 and 1200 cm2) and 2 backwings (180 cm2 and 260 cm2), and tested the modularity of the kit.

First impresssion of Mantafoils Mono windsurf foil

The first impression is immediately a positive one.

Despite the relatively low price of the kit, the foil is supplied in a high-quality transport bag. Each wing is packed in pouches, with the mast and fuselage carefully protected in separate compartments. We are impressed. There is even a small tube of Tef-Gel included, to use on all screws to prevent from corrosion.

The only thing we missed was maybe some instructions on how to set up the foil correctly, but we eventually discovered that everything was well explained on Mantafoils’ own YouTube channel.

Note that the G10 wings are coloured in bright orange, which not only gives the foil a unique look, but also makes it easier to spot the wings under the water’s surface and helps reduce the risks of kicking the wings.

We also recommend using the optional support plate, which is a clever accessory spreading the load of the foil on a larger surface of the board, hence minimizing the risks of breakage.

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Mantafoils Mono hydrofoil water test

The 770 wing combined with the small backwing is quite freerace oriented with a high aspect ratio. Despite its relatively small size, this front wing offers plenty of lift even in light winds. The angle of attack of the backwing can easily be trimmed with 2 screws on the fuselage.

For beginners, we would recommend tilting the stabilizer downward to offer maximum lift with less effort. The foil is very stable and lifts progressively and smoothly even in that position.

That being said, the 770 wing offers the best sensations at 15 knots of wind. The foil feels very rigid despite its aluminium construction, and the stability of the kit enables the user to reach high speeds with impressive upwind and downwind angles.

The 1200 front wing combined with the 260 backwing is a completely different foil. While the 770 front wing is perfect for people enjoying speed, locked in the straps with an outboard body position, the 1200 wing will please people who enjoy freeriding above all.

This foil configuration offers very early flight but a lower cruising speed. It requires a more upright body position, and you may prefer to move your straps inboard.

Another option is to remove the straps completely to fly strapless, especially if you are looking into surfing the swell.

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Testing the Mantafoils Mono foil


Mantafoils Mono was a very positive surprise!

The foil gave very good glide sensations and a lot of pleasure. The modular foil system works well, and enables the user to change configuration according to conditions or riding style. It is also possible to increase the length of the mast and the fuselage to improve performance, or even upgrade to carbon foil parts.

All in all, Mantafoils Mono is a great entry foil for beginners thanks to its affordable price and easy access, but more advanced riders will also enjoy its performance and general stability.

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Full power foiling in 15 knots with the Mantafoils Mono

Pics: Olivier Moynard









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