Meet Ian Anic - Windsurfing young gun

This article is the first of a new category called "Young Guns". The goal is to present young and promissing windfoilers to help them grow in the sport.

Today we have discussed with Ian Anic, a young gun from Croatia who has embraced the new foiling discipline and has high ambitions.

Windfoil Zone is happy to support these young guys and girls. Contact us if you are or know someone who deserves to be featured in this column in the future.

Name: Ian Anic

Age: 12 years old Home spot: Bol Island Brac, Croatia Sponsors: Active Bol (parents), Bug fins & foils

Windfoil Zone: Thanks for answering our questions, Ian! Could you present yourself to our readers?

Ian Anic: My name is Ian Anic. I'm in the 6th grade of elementary school in Bol, Croatia, where I live.

My home spot is only 2km away!

WZ: How old were you when you started windsurfing?

IA: I started windsurfing when I was 4 years old.

WZ: When did you try windfoiling for the first time?

IA: I tried windfoiling for the first time during summer 2018.

WZ: What are your plans for 2019 and for the future?

IA: I want to be the best junior in Croatia in slalom and windfoil, and I want to achieve good results in the PWA junior race in Bol 2019.

WZ: Do you get the support you need for that?

IA: I'm really glad that my family supports me because windsurfing equipment is really expensive. My dad has a windsurfing center and lets me use all the equipment. It's a RRD center, so I ride RRD boards and sails.

There I also met Rajko Zuzek from Bug fins & foils. He saw me riding and has now become my foil sponsor.

WZ: Many readers of our blog are beginners or haven’t even started windfoiling. Do you have any good tips to learn windfoiling?

IA: I'm a beginner in foiling too so I don't have many tips, but I think it's good to start foiling with a freeride sail.

WZ: Thank you for answering our questions, and good luck with your plans! Do you have anything to add to finish off this interview?

IA: Just windfoil and have fun!

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