Interview with Nektarios of Nemely Windsurf Club in Santorini

We start a new series of interviews with industry people and today we discussed with Nektarios of Nemely windsurf-SUP Center in Santorini, Greece.

He is presenting his young windsurfing club and tells us about the impact Covid-19 has had on their activity.

We love the positivity of Nektarios and wish him and his club good luck in the future.

Nektarios Makris

Name: Nektarios Makris

Age: 42

Job: Windsurf instructor at Nemely Windsurf-SUP Center

Hi Nektarios, thanks for answering our questions!

Could you tell us a bit more about your club, Nemely Windsurf-SUP Center?

Nemely was founded in 2018 with an ambition to import the concept of windsurf to Santorini. We specialised in windsurfing and SUP, but pedalo (pedal boats) and kayaking are also available to our center.

No motorised toys here!!

windsurf foiling in Santorini

We are a VDWS certified center (VDWS is the association of German waterports schools) so our instructors will always help you, no matter your level of experience.

Nemely is located next to one of the most popular beaches of the island Santorini (Kamari Beach), so hotels bars and restaurants are minutes away.

And what about foiling in your club?

Foiling has become a big thing for our center since the wind is not so strong most of the time. We use Starboard and RRD foils. The water becomes deep after the first 10 meters which is ideal for foiling. You will be up and flying in no time.

In 2021 we will also get into wing-foiling and we are looking forward to introducing the new sport to our club members.

Santorini will become a famous windsurf destination and I think that foiling will have a central role in achieving that.

Wingfoiling arrives!

Could you tell us what have been the consequences of Covid-19 for your club this year?

Covid 19 had an impact on our center as well as to the whole touristic community in Greece and in general.

However, even with less people visiting Santorini, we managed to keep quite busy since many people were eager to have an outdoor activity instead of staying indoors.

Of course, we follow all necessary sanitary measures to prevent infections at the centre.

Our staff have been trained with all necessary hygiene protocols and we are using the required sterilisation products. Lessons don’t have more than 3 people at a time and all equipment that was touched such us booms SUP paddles, sunbeds, etc., are disinfected after use, while neoprene wetsuits and life jackets are washed in buckets with a disinfectant as well.

Nektarios flying on his Starboard foil board

Are you confident about the coming season?

I always try to be positive about life so I think that everything will be much better the following year!

Santorini is one of the top destinations in Greece, so I think that we will be ok.

Thank you! We wish you and your club good luck, as we really need such dedicated windsurfing clubs like yours to develop our sports.

Would you like more info about Nemely and Santorini? Visit Nemely’s website and book your holiday today!








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