Review of Zeeko windfoil 2018

To test the Zeeko windfoil 2018, we have partnered up with Tez Plavenieks of Windsurfing UK mag, who tested and made a video-review of the foil.

For those of you who would rather read the review, here are the key take-outs from the video:

Zeeko is a well known and established French kitesurf and kitefoil brand.

Nicolas Caillou, the founder of Zeeko, has diversified the range by adding a windfoil in 2017, and the brand also do SUP-foils.


For 2018, the Zeeko windfoil has been slightly tweaked in term of the design.

It’s also one of the most interesting foil on the market for a number of reasons:

  • It’s an alumimium foil. Zeeko claims on their website that they use anodized alloy, which gives additional torsion stiffness and avoid corrosion on the foil.

  • The paint used on the foil is supposed to be particularly hydrodynamic

  • 90 cm mast, which is long enough to go through the chop you can get in open waters. You can also choose the option 70 cm-mast, which is obviously a good option if you are learning or if you ride on lakes which doesn’t have so much chop.

  • There is a variety of interchangeable heads on top of the mast: Deep tuttle, shallow tuttle or plate.

  • It’s a very affordable foil (€949)

The mast of the 2018 version of Zeeko windfoil has been repositioned to optimize adjustments with a conventional slalom board and better control of the foil.

The wings are made in G10.

Unique feature of Zeeko foils: The AVS (anti-ventilation system) which stops cavitation effect and makes it easier to avoid “over-foiling” when the foil gets too close to the surface of the water. According to Tez Plavenieks, this system actually works well.

When you flip the foil, you can see a small black fin underneath the foil at the rear, which is a nifty little feature. This fin has 2 functions:

  • If you go to shallow, it stops the foil scrapping the sea bed

  • It gives more stability to the foil, as the rear do not yaw so much.


The overall impression of the foil when riding is a smooth feeling. You can both foil with your feet inboard or outboard. Putting your feet outboard (on the rail) will help you increase the speed, and if you feel overpowered, you can just put your back foot out of the strap and inboard to calm things down.


User-friendly, affordable and performant, definitely a foil you would like to check out.

For further insight into Zeeko’s hydrofoil, check out the additional review on Windsurfing UK mag

About the tester:

Tez Plavenieks is founding editor of Windsurfing UK Magazine.

Hit up the magazine and website to stay in the loop with windfoiling goings on, equipment tests and everything else from the colourful world of windsurfing.










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