Slingshot Wizard 125, windfoil board review

Slingshot (SS) continue to make airwaves with their ‘progressive foiling freeride’ concepts which are far removed from the racing side of things.

The brand’s Wizard board range now has a decent following with riders looking to fly back and forth, carve and push boundaries of manoeuvre orientated windfoiling and all manner of foiling antics.

Fitting many kinds of flight styles, check all the usual social media channels for vids and images of Wizards in action, and windfoil zone's instagram in particular.

The brand’s trend is for super compact boards with SS's Wizard 125 being no different.

It’s short length and reduced nose area drastically reduces swing weight and provides more direct foil control while halting the effect of wind gusts that serve to push the front of the board around once up and flying.

It's also very light being constructed with high grade materials - carbon being a case in point. As with all carbon boards, care should be taken to keep them in optimum condition so no heavy handedness during transport and rigging, and we recommend to get a foil board bag to protect it.

Once on the water the Slingshot Wizard 125's short length becomes apparent. Stand up front of the sweet spot and it WILL nose dive. This requires riders performing off foil moves - such as tacks - to slightly tweak their technique – you’ll need to be quicker around the mast so rider agility is key.

And it's the same when attempting to taxi and take off. Trusting in the Wizard 125's design, and the width underfoot at the back of the board, is best course of action. Don’t lean too far forwards and pilots will soon be in the air – and extremely early at that!

Combined with the Slingshot Hoverglide foil and Infinity 76 front wing this is one of the earliest take off machines we’ve used to date. Especially with smaller sails in lighter wind.

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Having gotten airborne the benefits of such a nimble sled become apparent. Foot strap positions, the board's thick and wide tail plus the illusion of almost being 'nose free' above the brine combine to deliver a unique feel.

And it's this experience that becomes addictive. Obviously the act of windfoiling itself is one that keeps riders coming back but it's the optimised performance of the Wizard 125 that'll keep you hooked. It’s pretty unique among windfoil sleds.

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Additionally there's then the progressive nature of the Wizard 125. Whilst flying back and forth - mowing the lawn - is perfectly applicable once you fancy (or if) you're poised for all manner of foiling transitions, jumps and general flight tomfoolery that you've possibly seen some riders indulging in.

Brand Manager Wyatt Miller is certainly one of those advancing the genre and it’s boards like the Wizard 125 (and its smaller siblings the 105 and 103) that will take you to this realm if you so wish. Check out Wyatt's video under, explaining the differences between the Slingshot Wizard 103, 105 and 125L:

Wyatt Miller explains the differences between the Wizard 103, 105 and 125L

Conclusion Slingshot are streets ahead with their progressive shapes and windfoiling wisdom. Aiming firmly at the freeride market, with a gentle shove towards the progressive end of the spectrum, having learnt those foiling fundamentals, Slingshot's Wizard 125 covers the bases and takes you there with style.

Riders will need a period of familiarisation but once this has been completed who knows what level of foil riding the Slingshot Wizard 125 will elevate you to. More info in our online store.

About the tester:

Tez Plavenieks is founding editor of Windsurfing UK Magazine.

Hit up the magazine and website to stay in the loop with windfoiling goings on, equipment tests and everything else from the colourful world of windsurfing.

Point of view pics: Tez Plavenieks

Non-POV pics: James Jagger

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