LP Foils FRS Carbon WindFoil - State of the art Windfoils - made in the USA.


Designed specifically for use with modern windsurf boards that have either the standard Tuttle or deep Tuttle fin box. The windfoil is constructed using advanced carbon composite technology.

This FRS Windfoil design showcases LP’s advanced lifting wing profiles, symmetrical mast design, and compression fit fuselage system.


These foils allow riders to feel the water as it flows over the foil, while minimizing rough water feedback with controlled flex while delivering increased performance. They provide the power to foil up effortlessly, the stability for straight-line speed, and the handling and precise control through the tight transitions. Built tough and able to withstand extreme loads in the harshest conditions these FRS foils are highly impact resistant, durable and lightweight.


Unique compression fit fuselage acts as the power transmitter between the front and rear wings and delivers power seamlessly to the mast.


- Windsurfing / Windfoiling specific Carbon foil.
- Unique 4 part assembly for ease of transport and ultimate efficiency.
- Beautifully crafted Compression fit fuselage system.
- Mast – symmetrical carbon mast design – minimizes vibration and drag.

- 2 mast sizes available: 89 and 99 cm

- 2 different colors available: red and black
- Mast/ Strut constructed with proprietary Reflex Core Technology.
- 2 x's Wings – multi-layered carbon fiber– highly impact resistant, durable and lightweight.
- Large front wing - ideal lift with minimal drag for all conditions of windfoiling.
- Large rear wing - benefits board stability and lift.
- Rear wing's adjustable angle of attack using pre-canted shim system (included).
- Tapered strut tunnel.
- Qty 5 = Stainless Screws for assembly.
- Deep Tuttle base only.
- Designed, tested and built in the USA.



  • Masts: 35"length / 89cm or 39" length / 99 cm
    Fuselage: 33 1/4" / 87 cm (37 1/2" / 95.25 cm total overall length*).
    Front Wing FRS: 30" / 77 cm / 940 cm² Surface Area.
    Rear Wing: 16.25" / 41 cm / 270 cm² Surface Area.

    Carbon - Advanced carbon composite technology assures that the LP FRS Foil withstands extreme loads in the harshest conditions with controlled flex, delivering increased performance. Highly impact resistant, durable and lightweight components.

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