Ideal for beginners, this foil also offers a large wind window (from 7 to 35 knots).
Its dynamic stability makes it possible to reach a speed of more than 25 knots with impressive control.
100% made in France - 100% carbon without maintenance - removable fuselage

Ultra High Modulus carbon is used in the mast (90 cm)

High modulus carbon is used for the fuselage (85cm).


2 wings available:

You can choose between two different wings: one for light wind (Easy LW) and one for stronger conditions, called easy S. This smaller wing and the new tail wing are the fruit of a long study to improve stability.

Different custom made profiles are used on each wing.


The Easy Light Wind wing will get you flying with very little wind.

It is particularly adapted for beginners or for heavy riders.

Wind range: 7 to 15 knots

Sailing speed: 10 to 23 knots


The Easy S wing is fast but stills delivers enough lift to go through the lulls.

Wind range: 15 to 40 knots

Sailing speed: 12 to 28 knots


A great feature is that you can choose the color of your foil (green, blue, black or purple). You can also get the intrados of the foil painted in yellow or bright green.



€1.640 per foil including: UHM Carbon mast, HM Carbon fuselage, stab and one front wing, Easy LW or Easy S.


Extra equipment compatible to the foil:

Easy Light wing: €290

Easy S wing: €280

Prices including French VAT.

To protect the windfoil, Aeromod also offers a quilted fabric bag for €95.

Handmade by the local dressmaker !

It will let your foil dry as water will evaporate through the fabric.




Aeromod windfoil

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  • Mast: 90 cm

    Font wing Easy LW: 80 cm

    Front wing Easy S: 62 cm

    Stab: 42 cm

    Weight: 2,8 to 3,0 Kg depending on the wing

    Box: Deep Tuttle (can be cut into Tuttle)


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