AFS Windsurf Foil 85 - 700 Carbon is one of the best value for money foils on the market for. From your first flight to sustained flights you will be amazed of the balanced feel and versatility.

The Wind 85 has one goal: to make foil windsurfing accessible to a large public.

The profiles of the mast and the front wings are the same as on the Wind 95, The shaft measures 85cm, ideal height to begin.


Foil AFS Wind 85

- complete Hydrofoil with Mast, separate Fuselage and a pair of foils(wings)

Provided with :

-F-a700 access front wing

-Stabilizer V1

-Box screws Torx M6 60mm

-Screwdriver Stanley Torx T30

- An accessible, versatile and scalable foil.

The Wind 85 has one goal: to make windsurfing foil accessible to the greatest number. We have included many of the elements that made the AFS-2 so successful, refining these along with the major changes developed for our new Wind 95 and 105 models.

The profiles of the mast and the front wings are the same as on the Wind 95, the shaft measures 85cm, the ideal height to begin without undergoing regular touchdowns with the chop. 

The fuselage is the same as that of the AFS-2, but moulded separately and then bonded to the mast with Carbon pins for perfect stability / trajectories / Vmax ratio.

The wings are accessible and fast. This foil is evolutionary and can be upgraded with all the wings of the AFS range.

For the W85, we have developed a new construction to provide a very accessible price, but still made from our outstanding full Carbon composites, without aluminium or other materials that can limit performance or rider communication and product durability, so you can be sure your ASF W85 foil will not only be a delight to ride, but will be strong and durable, flying really well for a long time.

Shaft / Fuselage construction: Monolithic full Carbon Prepreg
Wings construction: Monolithic full Carbon 
Front Wing width : 700mm
Front Wing area : 779 cm2
Fuselage length: 885mm
Mast Height: 850mm
Deep Tuttle Box Head.


Watch the AFS Product video here


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