The A1 was created as a 100% windfoil with all the constraints associated with this practice. This series is the result of 11 years of experience in the field of hydrofoil. Research, development, design and manufacturing: all products are fully designed within AlpineFoil by the foil and for the foil. Indeed, the company has always made it a point of honor to work in the service of the practice of foil based on the many tests carried out in the field by Team AlpineFoil. The result is products constantly perfected so that the pleasure is increased tenfold.

The same goes for this range of windfoils: Damien CHABOUD and his team of experts (2016 Engie Kite Tour French Champions and winners of the 2017 Coupe de France) have tested the products at length to correct the slightest small defect detected for a sliding pleasure without limit. After four years of testing, the Windfoil project is finally mature and results in a product perfectly in line with our specifications. This includes:

  • an ultra powerful foil in Light Wind before anything,
  • an ultra accessible foil technically and financially,
  • an evolutionary foil with exceptional performances from the A1 Carbon version,
  • a foil that can adapt to the majority of the boards of the market, for the sake of economy,
  • a foil that offers the reliability and robustness that have made AlpineFoil famous,
  • a completely dismountable foil,
  • light weight
  • a mast that measures 90cm, which we think is the minimum for sailing at sea.

The advantages of windfoil AlpineFoil A1 ALU detailed point by point:

  • The foil is completely removable so that it can be transported more easily. Nevertheless, it remains ultra thin and ultra rigid.
  • It has the most effective anti-corrosion system on the market, the SACS technology, developed and patented by AlpineFoil. The fuselage has a sacrificial anode that corrodes instead of aluminum due to its very low electric potential.
  • The interchangeable housing is compatible with the PowerBox and the DeepTuttle at no extra charge, so you can save a lot of money. The mast head is also compatible with a plate meeting current standards. Your windfoil will be able to adapt to the majority of the boards of the market.
  • The rigidity is maximum, but the foil remains thin and light: AlpineFoil has worked for a long time to remove all the superfluous. The rigidity / thinness ratio obtained is the best.
  • The default ULW900 wing is full carbon for unmatched stiffness and ride quality. It is also curved, to ensure the rider maximum stability, and its curvature is progressive, so that the placement in turns is flawless and stable.
  • The ULW900 has an excellent output in Light Wind, but is also very efficient at high speed.
  • The aluminum mast measures 90cm, which makes it a high-performance mast, this length being the minimum to be able to navigate at sea. Indeed, a mast of this size presents a better upwind, a great comfort of piloting thanks to its excellent range of maneuver and therefore a foolproof stability.
  • To perfect the stability of the foil, the fuselage is particularly long (92cm). It then acts as a lever with the stabilizer, whose effects are increased tenfold.
  • The fuselage is equipped with FRDS technology, developed and patented by AlpineFoil, to machine a fuselage with pronounced leading edge and trailing edge. The flow is thus perfectly guided, which allows an exceptional reduction of the drag.
  • The new mast / fuselage assembly is ultra stiff: the mast is attached to the fuselage by three screws at its base, and it is locked by two cross screws that remove the remaining clearance.
  • All the points mentioned above make the A1 ALU an extremely accessible windfoil. Ultra reliable and robust, its incredible stability will put the rider in total confidence, which will allow him to progress at a vertiginous speed.
  • The A1 ALU is in the logic of a high-end product at low cost, the foil is fully scalable: evolution of the housing, evolution to the full carbon RTeam mast, evolution to the full-carbon RTeam wings 800, 700, 600 , 500, 400 or 300 cm². Thus the foil adapts perfectly to the progression of the rider, but also to his means.


    ALPINEFOIL A1 ALU Windfoil

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