The AXIS Foils S-Series is a great performer. The engineering, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength of the design, is perfect for surf/sup/downwind/pump/wake/wind/kite foil.


The S-Series front wings, rear wings and components are interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. The modularity of the design, stiffness of each component and overall engineering make the AXIS S-Series the ultimate foil for any style of riding.


Front wings for Wind Foiling:

  • 900mm (wingspan) carbon wing 


We recommend the following rear wings for Wind Foiling:

  • 500mm (wingspan) Anhedral carbon rear wing, is super stable and easy to ride. We recommend this for all levels of wind foilers


The AXIS Complete Wind Foil package includes the following:

  • 1 front carbon wing (strong and lightweight), with its cover (your choice of sizing)
  • 1 rear carbon wing (strong and lightweight), with its cover (your choice of sizing)
  • Quick release base plate / Foil Mount (just loosen the bolts to disconnect), 3D CNCed anodized aluminium
  • S-Series fuselage (3D CNCed anodized aluminium)
  • Stainless steel torx screwset & torx keys (strongest screwhead that won't strip)
  • Tef Gel anti-seize lubricant (a must have to prevent the aluminum parts from seizing)
  • Travel bag (fits all parts, but the front wing which has its own bag/cover)


The AXIS S-Series 900mm Carbon Front Wing is a higher aspect performance front wing for SUP, Surf, Wind, Downwind and Pump foiling. With a 1277cm2 surface this is very fast wing designed for the intermediate and advanced riders who are looking for stability in higher speeds. Also an amazing wing for wind foiling.


It will take a few sessions to get used to it, and when you do, you won't go back.

Match the 900 carbon front wing with the Short or Ultra Short fuselage and 400 or 440 rear wings for a loose, fast and carvy ride.


The 900 front wing comes standard with the Wind Foil setup.

Technical Data

    • ACTUAL AREA: 1277 square cm / 198 square inches

    • CHORD: 160mm

    • SPAN: 90 cm / 35.5 inches

    • PROJECTED AREA: 1184 square cm / 183 square inches

    • VOLUME: 1759 cubic cm / 107 cubic inches


The AXIS S-Series Carbon 500mm Anhedral Rear Wing, is the ideal rear wing for Wind Foiling. Combined with either the 1020, 1000, 920, 900 or 820, the 500mm Anhedral gives you a balanced and stable ride while wind foiling.

Technical Data

    • Wingspan: 500mm Anhedral shape

    • Carbon

AXIS Windfoil



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