Perfect balance, stability and competitive performances.

100 cm fuselage.

For conditions from 7 – 25 knots. 


The main difference between the freeride and the race foil is the length of the fuselage and the extra torsional stiffness of the mast, which enable higher speed and control.​


For the freerace foil, Bug has focused on maximum stiffness. The mast is made with high modulus carbon and with 20% more stiffness than the Bug freeride foil.


Same approach is on the fuselage, which also longer:100 cm.


With 3 different front wings (660.850 and 1100) you have anything you need to play between 7 and 27 knots.

The freerace foil can be used by beginners as it’s very balanced and forgiving, but it will be perfect for intermediate or advanced foilers wanting to be fast without compromising comfort.


Modular system and concept are the same as for the freeride foil​.

Both wings are swept backwords to achieve an additional horizontal alignment.​

2 different back wings available:

Medium wind: 40 cm span. Surface: 250 cm2

Light wind: 52 cm span. Surface: 330 cm2​​

Adjustable Angle of attack of the stabilisator.


Basic set: €1490

Front wing Surface: 850 cm2​ 

Back wing: 250 cm2

Fuselage: 100 cm long! Monocoque technology

Mast: 95 cm long, 16 mm thick


Full set: €1740

Front wings: 850 and 1100 cm2 (660 wing in option for €260 extra)

Back wing: 250 and 330 cm2

Fuselage: 100 cm

Mast: 95 cm



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