To get you started as quickly and as easily as possible, and to make sure the fun never ends while on the water, DUOTONE has introduced the new F_TYPE – the ideal sail for silently hovering over the water.

Foil windsurfing is absolutely amazing because you feel almost weightless and literally floating above everything – and all this at winds at which you would never previously have even thought about surfing.


To enjoy foil surfing the easy and smart way, DUOTONE has developed a highly specialised sail in the form of the four-batten F_TYPE. Its features are designed exactly for this new activity and will be a boon helpful both for intermediate riders and for relaxed wave riders.


This includes the lower profile with reduced loose leech, since very small sail sizes are used based on the wind strengths. Thanks to its high elasticity, the Dacron luff ensures easier pumping and an altogether more gentle feel. Because the rig is held more upright when foil surfing, your foot has significantly more reach in order to ensure closing the gap even in this position.


Low wind pressure necessitates the use of two SOFT.CAMS, which can effortlessly reverse when shifting despite weak rotational forces. And it you want it to be even easier, you can even remove both cambers and use the F_TYPE as the ultimate no-cam foil sail.


Key features:

  • Straighter luff curve, 4-batten-layout and a dacron luff-panel all result in a softer and super light sail ideal for beginning and foil riding
  • Increased foot roach to ensure optimum aerodynamics/performance despite the upright rig position
  • To comply to the reduced wind pressure we use our unique soft camber which can also be removed out (out = maximum handling, in = maximum wind range)
  • Reduced loose leech adapted to the reduced drag of the foil
  • Optional quick rigging patch allows "to the spot" trimming without even looking to the top (patent pending)
  • Tri ply foot panel (150 micron): additional 3rd thread direction increases rip-stop ability by 30%



  • Sizes: 5.8 m2 
    Cambers : Yes
    Height: 436 
    Wish max : 180 
    battens : 4
    Mast : 400 / 430  
    Ideal mast: SDM Constant Curve


    Sizes:  6.8m2
    Cambers : Yes
    Height: 466 cm
    Wish max : 196 cm
    battens : 4
    Mast : 430/460 cm 
    Ideal mast: SDM Constant Curve




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