With extreme propulsion, boundless speed, this is a great racing sail.

The WARP 20.19 also possesses greater planing power and acceleration after start and gybe compared to other sails, without requiring more strength on the part of the rider.


This gives riders greater strength reserves over the entire racecourse and allows them to concentrate on manoeuvring with an effortlessness camber rotation.


All WARP sails generate enormous propulsion and more acceleration at the start and after a gybe. The key characteristic is that this propulsion does not kick in abruptly and thus does not require lots of effort to absorb.

Instead, the forward pull is much more controlled and effortless than other power slalom sails. This relieves strain on the rider, giving them strength reserves for the rest of the course, and allowing them to concentrate fully on the racing action.

And with the correct luff and outhaul tension, the WARP performs across the entire wind range with the same trim.


Key features:

  • No compromise design: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability / wind-range or becoming super physical
  • Size specific design: thanks to three different, size-dependent concept- ts each sail size is individually matched to the wind strength
  • Xply batten pocket: eliminates stretch and doesn´t absorb any water (dry weight = wet weight).
  • 7 batten design: makes the warp 20.19 one of the lightest slalom sails on the market.
  • Reduced weight: reduced weight due to mini protector and super ligth irocket 2.0 batten tensioner
  • Moderate cutaway clew: less blow out / hinge-effect for more power and more direct acceleration
  • Hyper cam: again and again confirmed through magazine tests worldwide: the best rotating camber on the market


Sizes: 4.7m to 9,4 m


Check out the WARP 20.19 video here.


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