The Elix F1X is a windfurf board exclusively designed for windfoiling. The board has an original shape which brings comfort and confidence when sailing on an hydrofoil. The position of the footstraps and the comfort of the pads improve the comfort in flight. 


The board is developed by Elix's designer Benjamin Tillier, and his goal was to push the design to the extreme and optimise the slightest breath of air and make the foil fly easily already with 7 knots of wind!


The foil has been tested with most of the hydrofoil brands on the market, however, Elix has a close cooperation with Select, and recommend to use their "ProFOIL.F1" foil with the Elix F1X foilboard.


Product description:

- Lying rails on the front

- Deep double concave deck

- Footstraps with dedicated foil position

- Reduced wet surfaces with deep wings 

- Extra strong G10 foil box, ProBox or Deep Tuttle compatible.







  • Length: 217 cm

    Width Max: 82 cm
    Thickness Max: 12,1 cm

    Volume: 127 L
    Weight: 7,5 kg



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