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  • Dedicated to perform with freeride boards, and under 7sqm no-cams sails. A lightweight combo for an early take-off early and friendly foiling.



  • Stability and easy access to hydrofoil.
  • Quick take-off, ability to fly at low speed.
  • Wide sailing range due to the adjustable stabilizer settings to adapt.
  • 100% compatible Spare parts within Exocet foil range.


The 80cm mast of the Noé will suit best smaller boards (<85cm wide) and foiling in shallow and / or flat water.


All Exocet foils are made with full carbon construction for wings and mast, aluminum fuselage, and stainless steel inserts in the wings. There is an intuitive setting for the angle of the rear wing, with markers engraved on the fuselage.
All foils are delivered in a transport bag with EVA protections for mast and wings.


Download the pdf presentation of Exocet foils



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