• Designed for performance Windfoiling
  • Advanced stability and control
  • Fantastic speed potential
  • F-ONE Monobloc Carbon construction


The Levo Carbon 900 offers real top-level performance with advanced control and the feel of a freeride foil to provide a unique feeling in flight. 

Built using carbon pre-preg with a Monobloc construction, the Levo Carbon 900 is not only truly glamorous to look at, it is also ultra-rigid from the wing to the mast to provide unmatched control and a very crisp feel of the foil. 

The hydrodynamic design uses a slim racing profile with a high aspect ratio to reduce the drag. Twisted wing tips further helps with the tip vortex reduction. The mast position has been refined through testing with a variety of riders, boards and rigs to provide the most intuitive balance whatever the speed you’re flying at. 

In flight, the foil is ultra-stable thanks to the span and proves easy to drive and control. The lift is solid, accelerations are sharp and power remains manageable because the foil is naturally well balanced at all speeds. A shim can be added under the stabilizer to tune the balance towards sailing at higher upwind and downwind angles that require more front foot pressure.


The curvy wing shape and shorter fuselage length means the foil is easy to roll into the curve when jibing. This makes all your turns more fun and your gybes more successful.


The ease of driving and the natural intuitive balance make the LEVO Carbon 900 very easy to apprehend while offering an amazing glide and performance potential.


  • Area: 900cm²

    Aspect Ratio: 7.1

    EVA Cover / Stabilizer Shim / Torx T30 Tool


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