Papenoo is a board designed for SUP, Windsurf, and foil, in other words a WINDFOIL convertible ! 


20 years down the road, F-ONE is offering a windsurfing board,again! 
After 4 years of work on the kitefoil, F-ONE has received demand from windsurfers and they have designed specific wings to offer us the products we need.

Then came along the question of the board and the PAPENOO Foil convertible appeared ideal for “windfoiling”.


Its wide outline at the tail provides enough volume to be in the right position for lift off and the wide width creates plenty of stability. The foil box is located perfectly to optimize lift off and in-flight balance. Equipped with two front foot-straps and a mast track, the board can also be used as a normal windsurf board for light wind wave riding.

This version is further reinforced on deck and around the foot-straps: the whole area running from the mast track to the foil insert is strengthened by double bamboo carbon construction. The PAPENOO WINDFOIL Convertible is available in BAMBOO DECK or PRO CARBON versions.


On the water: 

The difference between being on the water or in flight is even more significant in windsurfing than in kitesurfing. Everything becomes so soft and silent once in flight. The sensations are totally new and absolutely gripping.
The efficiency of the foil in light winds is a real advantage as it becomes possible to use a much smaller rig for a given wind strength.

The PAPENOO truly is an extremely versatile board, proving excellent in so many different disciplines: SUP, Windsurf, SUP-Foil and Wind-Foil!


Weight: 10,2 Kg


Source: F-ONE


  • Size Dimensions Volume Weight
    7’7’’ x 29'' 231 x 74 Cm 110 L 7.3 Kg
    7’11’’ x 30.5'' 242 x 77 Cm 123 L 8.0 Kg


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