Designed to plane in the very lightest of breezes, the Falcon Lightwind makes windsurfing possible nearly every day of the year.


Taking design cues from the Falcon TE range, this lightwind version has all the efficiency of our slalom boards, enabling it to get planing as early and easily as possible, but also adds an extra dose of user friendliness.


Offered in just one size and our affordable Biax Fibre construction, the Falcon Lightwind is designed to be the only board you need for the days you thought were too light for windsurfing.

It comes complete with a Choco 50cm race fin, whilst the Deep Tuttle Box is approved for foil use. This opens up your options and ensures the most possible use from a single board.


Whilst efficiency and early planing are the focus, let’s not forget that this board has evolved from our PWA racing program, which means it’s fast. Ridiculously fast, even in marginal winds. Stop waiting for the wind and get windsurfing with the Falcon Lightwind!


  • Specialist shape designed specifically to get you planing as early as possible
  • Windsurf on days when you normally couldn’t
  • Includes 50cm Choco Black Pearl race fin and a Deep Tuttle foil approved box
  • Fin and mast base positions have been specially tuned for optimal performance by our team riders
  • Evolved from our Falcon TE slalom range meaning it’s incredibly fast
  • Cut-out tail design for efficiency, control and top speed
  • Recessed mastfoot area, keeps the rig connection low and boosts control
  • Offered in affordable Biax Fibre construction
  • One size does it all



    VOLUME 159 L  
    WIDTH 90 cm  
    LENGTH 220 cm  


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