Get hooked on the thrill of foiling and recalibrate your perspective on conditions. The new 2019 Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Board is a 100 % dedicated foil board designed to get you stoked, even when the conditions aren’t playing along.


Everything about the new Fanatic Sky SUP foil board has been optimised for SUP foiling. Whether you’re new to SUP foiling or already an expert, the super compact shape, easy paddling and stable all-round performance are designed to get you up on the foil an charging waves as quickly, easily and efficiently as possible.


The shape is specifically designed to give stability for paddling and manoeuvrability when foiling. Capitalising on the board’s awesome small wave performance, the shorter length keeps the 2019 Fanatic Sky SUP foil board agile on even the smallest of waves and controllable underfoot on bigger, faster surf.


The unique concaved deck shape and bevelled rail provide powerful, hard turns without fear of catching a rail, whilst the track mounted foil allows fine tuning for lift and different styles of wing.


The 2019 Fanatic Sky SUP foil board has been designed to bring a refreshing new dimension to your boarding. Gliding on ocean swells, harnessing new sources of power in the surf and transforming tiny onshore conditions into awesome days. No matter what conditions you wake up to, every day is a waveriding day with the Fanatic Sky SUP.


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2019 Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Board – KEY FEATURES

  • Foil board design is 100 % optimised for SUP foiling
  • Compact shape for stability and manoeuvrability
  • Bevelled rails for a soft touch-down and to avoid catching in tight turns on the wave
  • Concaved deck shape for increased comfort and control
  • Full deckpad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the centreline when riding
  • Unique channel bottom shape for efficiency, soft landings and great tracking whilst paddling
  • Optional fin behind the foil to boost straight line tracking whilst paddling
  • Short length makes it easy to pump, control and transport
  • Track system foil mount allows for fine tuning
  • Carrying handle for ease
  • Available in 7’0” only: 145L 
  • Supplied in CST (Custom Surf) construction

Fanatic Sky SUP Foil 2019 - 7'0''

€1,699.00 Regular Price
€1,359.20Sale Price


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