The GA Windsurf Foil Mach 1 lifts you out of the water effortlessly and provides impressive control and speed potential, which makes it the perfect performance freeride foil.



If you are looking for a foil that offers both outstanding performance and ease of use in one package, the Windsurf Foil Mach 1 is the right choice for you.


The Windsurf Foil Mach 1 ensures an early take off with the 790mm long front wing and great stability when foiling in order to accelerate the progress of intermediate foil windsurfers and provide a fun tool for very light winds.


Equipped with a stiff and impressively light 85cm Carbon mast the Mach 1 has great performance potential with an outstanding wind range and control.


Thanks to its very balanced design and elaborate Carbon construction, the Windsurf Foil Mach 1 allows you to go for a cruise, but also offers the potential for extra speed and performance in a still easy to control and use package.


  • Mast Height
    850 mm

    Fuselage Length
    890 mm

    Front Wing Span
    790 mm

    Back Wing Span
    450 mm

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