With the Windsurf Foil Phantom you get the perfect tool for performance freerace foiling, while having tons of fun when racing your friends.

Everybody looking for a high-performance foil will admire the Windsurf Foil Phantom with its great speed potential, control and feeling in maneuvers. Gaastra's test team was absolutely amazed after their first test runs with the final version of the Windsurf Foil Phantom with its extremely light 91cm carbon mast.


It takes off early and without needing too much power in the sail, which allows you to make use of the sensational performance of the foil in even lower winds.

The Windsurf Foil Phantom reaches high top speed with great control in lower and higher speed, but also in maneuvers and when taking off, thanks to its elaborate Carbon construction. You can perfect your foiling jibes, but also go for speed runs, as the foil glides smoothly and in full control at all times.

This controllability of the Windsurf Foil Phantom will make you crave for speed, acceleration and foiling jibes on our high-performance freerace foil and the Phantom won’t let you down.


  • Technical specifications:

    Mast:                  91 cm

    Fuselage:           89 cm

    Front Wing:       68,3 cm
    Back Wing:        48,3 cm
    Front Wing Surface: 576 cm2

    Stabilizer Surface:    316 cm2

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