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The BOW concept is based on a new sail outline with an extreme bending curve in the top.
This extreme curve is only achievable with the BOW FLEX mast.
Due to the low luff tension and the innovative design, the sail does not have any loose leech.


Thanks to a special friction bearing, which allows the mast to rotate within the boom, the mast can rotate inside the sail, thus allowing the upper area of the sail to twist and bend away.

In contrast to the Loose Leech concept, where only a small part of the leech twists, the BOW has a much larger area to adapt to the strength of the wind.
When the wind strength and thus the wind load in the sail increases (high loading), the upper part of the sail turns leeward and the profile adapts dynamically.

The holding forces on the boom remain the same. Only the profile adapts to the higher loading.'

When the wind force and thus the load in the sail decreases (low loading), the sail turns back to its original position. Now, the lower wind energy is compensated by the more efficient profile.
The drive as well as the holding forces remain the same. This ability facilitates handling enormously and also improves performance while going upwind.

The described adjustment of the BOW is more dynamic and effective than the Loose Leech mechanism. Due to the well defined and firm edge at the leech, there is no fluttering and the associated
small stalls in the profile.

Similar to a Loose Leech sail, the BOW regulates itself in gusts and wind holes, but the available area is larger and more efficient. Thus, it covers a much larger wind range in total.

For the windsurfer, this ability leads to an effortless and comfortable windsurfing experience, combined with the performance and drive of a camber sail.

Due to its continuous drive and feather-light handling, the BOW also proves to be excellent for foiling. No matter if you are a foiling beginner or a pro, the constant power onthe boom and the continuous drive makes it much easier to control the foil. Thanks to the more efficient profile of the sail, the foil can already take off with less wind.More wind range, more control and plenty of performance!


Key Features:

> 4-Cam Concept Sail for Freerace, Slalom and Foil
> BOW FLEX mast is mandatory
> No Loose Leech, the BOW uses more surface
> Special friction bearing that allows rotation of the mast
> 3D Mast Sleeve Shape and Cross Batten Concept
> Neoprene Cover at boom opening for better aerodynamics
> Tack Strap to regulate the tension of the sail foot


BOW Flex Mast:

> Extreme Top Flex Curve
> Standard mast diameter (SDM)
> 70 % Carbon content
> High performance mast for light feeling and top dynamics
> Mast for exclusive use in BOW sails
> Mast comes together with the special Friction Bearing
Price: €399


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