Designed by Eric Collard and Philippe Caneri, this CAD modeled and CNC machined board is made in Europe.
Fully freerace oriented, the front hull has been particularly worked: our many tests shown that the impressive front V keeps the rails high at the touch, but also no drag when touch in jibe.

Made in Europe - Full Carbon or Glass / Carbon

Full carbon reinforced case

Wide strap adjustment range to fit all foils on the market

Inclined flat deck for better heading

V before very pronounced

Rail bevel

Dimensions :
125L - 221 x 80.3 cm (sandwich carbon / glass : 7.5kg)

145L - 221 x 81.5 cm (Full carbon)

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Horue Airtime

  • Set including:

    - 1 sandwich carbon / glass or full carbon board Horue Airtime made in Europe (Volume to be chosen in the next step)

    - 4 comfort straps Horue made in Europe

    - 1 hex key for mounting the vent screw and straps

  • Buying a foil or a board is expensive and we want to make sure that the product is right for you.

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    We will also confirm shipping prices, which can be slightly different than the standard prices shown on the website depending on destination and weight. Thanks!


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