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Vini Ride, Pro and Air have the same shape, but different constructions.

Vini Ride includes about 30% fiber glass inside the mast and front wing.

Rear wing have the same construction for the three models.


The Vini Ride is the entry-level Vini for beginners and small budgets. It is entirely made in France and is composed of carbon and fiber glass.

The inserts are made of stainless steel. This model is guaranteed for 3 years (when registered online)



  • mast : 85cm, 1850g +/- 4%
  • windfoil use with xlw, lw and cruising front wing, kitefoil use with cruising and speed front wing
  • carbon made, made in France
  • Low Flexion and torsion with carbon tri-ax
  • 14mm bolt nut on the deep tuttle
  • Timing system on the hull to fit all board :  "plug 'n play"
  • Clever adjustment of the setting of stabilizer to fit to all navigation styles: "smart trim system"


There are 3 front wing options. 

- Cruising: WING CR 673 PRO

- Light wind:  WING LW 799 PRO

- xtreme light wind: WING XLW 971 PRO. The largest one for extreme light wind conditions (7-8 knots)



To navigate in powerful and gusty winds with ease and comfort.

  • Wingspan 69cm

  • Surface 673cm²

  • elliptical lift distribution - minimization of induced drag

  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing

  • low Cx template - low drag

  • windfoil and kitefoil use (18-40+kts windfoil / 8-30+kts kitefoil)



  • wingspan 80cm
  • Surface 799cm²
  • 100% carbon - flex locked
  • elliptical lift distribution - the lowest induced drag
  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing
  • high Cz template - powerful lift
  • take off in 8kts wind
  • windfoil use only in 8-22kts



  • wingspan 91cm
  • Surface 971cm²
  • 100% carbon - flex locked
  • elliptical lift distribution - minimizing of induced drag
  • forward thrust centre- early planing
  • high Cz template - powerful lift
  • take off in 8 kts wind
  • windfoil / surfoil / supfoil use


To ensure our confidence in the longevity of the product, Vini RIDE fuselages are guaranteed for 3 years * (* subject to registration of the product on Horue's website.)


Do not hesitate to take contact with us with you have any question about this product.

Windfoil Zone is an official distributor of Horue products.

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€1,200.00 Regular Price
€840.00Sale Price
Front wing (included)
Second front wing (optional +€400)
Third front wing (optional: +€400)
  • Set Including : 

    - 1 mast Horue VINI RIDE, carbon, Deep tuttle with "Plug'n Play" system

    - 1 front wing carbon (CR or LW or XLW)

    - 1 rear wing 100% carbon with Smart Trim System

    - Screws, nuts, washers


    Option: second front wing (CR or LW or XLW): +€350



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