Professional grade dedicated foil racing board, we introduce to the market the innovative Aero Pro!

The new discipline is here and it is about to revolutionise how we approach light wind windsurfing worldwide. The Aero Pro epitomises all the features required for speed, control and comfort while racing on top of the ocean.


Key features:


  • Full outline concept: Power is the name of the game in this exciting new discipline, meaning riders are trying to get as much air under the board as possible while pointing upwind and downwind, as this creates lift and angle in both directions. This results in an exceptionally ‘full’ outline in the nose with an increased scoop rocker line to ‘cup’ the wind. The Aero Pro also has a very wide tail, which serves the purpose of creating back foot leverage over the foil, ultimately making the board easier to ride, comfortable and faster.
  • The revolutionary all-new ’HydroPlane’ bottom shape concept: The nose starts flat with no vee to sit the board square in the water maximising the planing surface at low speeds, which quickly transitions into a significant vee planform with a very deep double concave under the mast track area. This helps hydrodynamically channel the water towards the tail of the board before planing and aerodynamically channels the air of the board after planing. Towards the tail the strong vee quickly transitions into an inverted vee shape between the feet, this keeps the outside rail line in the ‘water power zone’ straighter than a normal vee board, which we found drastically increases the control and side-to-side stability at speed. Feeling is believing!
  • ‘Aero Rail Design’: Sharp vertical rails from nose to tail are prevalent from the waterline until halfway up the rail to assist planing and to ‘cut’ the water when touching down especially at an angle. Then a sharp but aerodynamically friendly transition exists in the rail shape with a very smooth curve that is designed to be as drag free and efficient as possible whilst flying in the air and to also be with maximum comfort for the arch of the foot, a critical point while foiling.
  • Foil footstrap inserts: Race foiling requires the front foot to be further back than a slalom board, meaning the foot stance is very close to keep the board always on trim and the rider weight over the foil at all times, this increases control. Additionally we have well placed chicken straps for windy cross and downwind reaches.



  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape
  • Full T700 biax carbon lightweight deck lamination layup for max. compression strength, performance and structural stability.
  • 80 kg/m3 PVC full deck and bottom sandwich for a lightweight yet stiff construction.
  • Additional high-strength reinforcements in all foot heel and high load areas (mast track, fin box, footstrap inserts).
  • Full UD unidirectional carbon bottom layup for maximum stiffness and performance.
  • Foil Proof deep tuttle box.

I-99 AERO PRO - Foil Race

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