Race focused windfoil with high stability accross the speed range.

Made out of high modulus carbon fiber, its 100 cm long mast is very stiff and provides a very controlled ride.

The 98 cm long aluminium fuselage also provides high stability with minimum section for drag reduction.

The Arrow is easy to disassemble, all the elements come apart for easy and safe transport.

It's fully compatible with Mantafoils Mono in order to allow progressive upgrades.


The board connection is ensured through a Chinook Deep Tuttle box (compatible with deep tuttle boxes). The tuttle head can have an optional load plate which ensures higher rigidity and longevity. The base plate spreads the load on the bottom of the board and reduce the risk to damage the board.


Front wing in carbon : 70 cm span / 795 cm2 area

Back wing in carbon : 37 cm span / 205 cm2 area


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about this product.

We ship worldwide (ask for a quote without VAT if you live outside Europe)


MANTA ARROW carbon race foil

Extra load plate


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