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The next evolution in windfoil / wingfoil and SUPfoil.
The Manta inflatable is the world first foil dedicated inflatable board for foil windsurfing and can be used for SUP as well with its 4 fins. It features latest 30PSI drop stitch technology combined with dyneema sandwich belts which allows us to reach weight around 8,5 kg and a rigidity that now comes close to rigid boards.
The board has an embedded universal reinforced deep tuttle Box. It is compatible with most tuttle windfoils on the market.

The board features 4 strap positions with M6 screw inserts. (Footstraps in option)

The inflatable board has some clear advantages:
- low packed volume
- safer in case of rider's falling on the board
- large volume and short length = less wind disturbance.

- 6" mast track for windsurf and windfoil.

The manta winfoil inflatable comes in 200x78x12cm size with a volume of 150L.
A front and back leash attachments is available.

Included: manual pump and 4 fins.


We recommend to add the optional load plate which will make the connection foil-board stiffer


Here is a video of the inflatable board in action!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about this product.

We ship worldwide.

We also recommend to order the iSup Electrical Pump 12V.
With this pump you inflate your board in a short time up to 20 PSI.
Just choose your desired pressure and the pump automatically stops when it has reached it!

Mantafoils Inflatable Windfoil / Wingfoil / SUP 150 L

  • Included items: Manual pump + Bag



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