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Mantafoils Mono windfoil is easy for beginners who will enjoy their first flights only after few sessions.

The 3-in-1 Hybrid model is the same foil as The Mantafoils Mono, but equipped With the Easylight wing, which is a very versatile wing. It's an allround kit suitable for kitefoil, supfoil and windfoil.


It has enough lift to fly at low speed and it is fast enough to be used by beginners or Intermediate level.

With this solution, you can use the foil in these 3 disciplines with only one foil.

The board connection is ensured through a Chinook Deep Tuttle Box (also called Medium Tuttle). compatible with deep tuttle fin boxes. You can alternatively choose a plate mount or even with a powerbox head.


The foil is supplied with 2 masts: 60 cm and 86 cm. The 60 cm is great for windfoil beginners og for surfing. The 86 cm is ideal for windfoilers. However we also recommend the 60 cm for windfoiling if you do not have a reinforced fin box.


When windfoiling, the mast load on the fin box is very high and some non-reinforced boards may break. In order to spread the load, an optional removable and wider plate system has been designed. The width of the plate further spreads the mast load over the bottom of the board and reduces the risk of damaging the board further. It's recommended for very large boards (100 cm) and heavy riders.

The adjustable stabilizer system allows precise angle adjustment to obtain the best foiling balance for each rider. The angle trim has a range of approx. 10 degrees.

TelGel is also supplied with each foil to be applied on the screws to reduce risk of corrosion.


Read our review of Mantafoils Mono here


Read the test review in Windsurf magazine:

"For its ease and performance, the Mono deserves praise heaped upon it. But then add into the mix the fact that it can be adapted to suit many different foiling sports, and retails at a commotion-creating price and the world of affordable foiling has a new contender."


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product.


MANTA Mono 3-in-1 Windfoil

Extra load plate
Extra long fuselage (+12,5 cm)Y
Extra transport bag
Mast head
  • included in windfoil kit:
    windfoil freeride G10 front wing: 65 cm / 1100 cm2
    stabilizer G10
    supplied with 2 masts: 86 and 60 cm
    standard fuselage
    long nose for windfoil / supfoil
    fusealge tail
    windfoil load plate
    screws set
    tef gel kit
    spacers set
    allen key set
    mantafoils bag
    mantafoils sticker



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