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The inflatable 110 L board is perfect for wingfoiling thanks to its large volume and width, while still maintaining a compact size.

It features latest 30 PSI dropstitch technology, which allows us to reach a rigidity that now comes closer to a rigid board for only 6 kg weight.

The board combines an embedded universal reinforced deep tuttle Box with a track system. It is thus compatible with most windfoils on the market, both with deep tuttle head and/or plate foils.


It also has V front foot straps positions (footstraps in option - M6 screws)

The inflatable 110 L board has some clear advantages:

- low packed volume : easy to transport

- Safer in case the rider is falling on the board

- large volume and short length: less wind disturbance

- Wide board for increased take-off stability


A back leash attachment is also available.

Footstraps in option.

Included items: pump + bag

As the wingfoil board is shipped directly from the production plant, the price is ex-taxes and duties. You may have to pay local taxes upon arrival.



Mantafoils Inflatable Wingfoil board 110 L



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