Manta Mono 2150 is the ideal weapon to fly in very light wind.

The front wing in carbon fiber is very large (2150 cm2) to give an early lift.

Mast: 86 cm aluminium (65 cm also exists but we recommend 86 cm mast, even for beginners). There is also the possibility to upgrade to a 100 cm carbon mast.

Stabilizer: 205 cm2 carbon fiber


The board connection is ensured through a Chinook Deep Tuttle Box (also called Medium Tuttle, compatible with deep tuttle fin boxes), but you can also choose a short tuttle, a plate mount or a powerbox as option.


The mast load on the fin box is very high and some non-reinforced boards may break. In order to spread the load, an optional removable and wider plate system has been designed. The width of the plate further spreads the mast load over the bottom of the board and reduces the risk of damaging the board further. It's recommended for heavy riders.


Stabilizer with adjustable angle of attack.


A zinc anode is place in the fuselage to improve galvanic corrosion resistance that happens in a saltwater environment. The anode can easily be replaced after some time.

Tef-Gel is included to reduce the risk of corrosion.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product.


Mantafoils Mono 2150 Wingfoil



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