Foil freestyle dedicated board


Available size: 89 L (Length 172 cm , Width 55 cm)


Developed for Balz Müller, the Pegasus is The freestyle foil board by excellence.

The ultra compact size gives you the opportunity to freestyle beyond what was previously possible with conventional boards. 

Its structure and foil box have been especially reinforced for Hardcore foiling.

Specially developed hull for a fast take-off and an easy control which gives a very accessible board for everyone. 



- Pads EVA 8mm

=> Confort, choc absorption

- Deck of Carbon bi-axial

=> Light weight, stiffness, reactivity, flex control

- Bottom hull of S-glass fibre.

=> Balanced Flex +  impact resistance + maximum comfort

- Longitudinal carbon stripe on the hull.

=> Reactivity, flex control

- Reinforced double bi-axial carbon 

=> Choc resistance

- High density PVC Sandwich :

=> better structural load + Impact resistance

 - Fibre Glass covered

=> Connexion between core and sandwich

-  EPS Core with closed cells

=> Light, waterproof,  structural support 



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