The easiest windfoil of teh range at a very affordable price thanks to its aluminium mast 75 cm.

Everyone who tried the new Vento Alu 75 with the 790 is impressed how easy that foil flies and crazy how early you fly with that big wing (79 cm span)!


Designed to plane early with no effort, an ultra stable foil that performs incredibly well in light to medium wind for beginners to intermediate wind foilers.

Cruising, carving, wave riding in small waves, the Vento Freeride does everything with amazing easy of use. Jibing has never been so easy.


Pack contents:


1x M75A Mast 75 Alu

1x MHW044 Tuttle Adaptor Wind Alu

1x FW900A Fuselage 900 Alu

1x W790 Front Wing 790mm

1x S450 Stabilizer 450mm

4x Socket Head Screws M8x40 and washers

1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x16

1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x20

2x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x30

1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x35

Grease, torx

MOSES Vento Freeride 790 Alu

  • Mast Height 750 mm
    Front wing 790
    Front wing Span 790 mm
    Front wing root chord 246 mm
    Front wing aspect ratio 4,3
    Front wing surface 1529 cm2
    Stabilizer 450
    Stabilizer 450 mm
    Stabilizer Root chord 85 mm
    Stabilizer Aspect ratio 6,22
    Stabilizer surface 325,65 cm2


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