The LIFT Freeride is a dedicated foiling sail that draws from Naish’s rich legacy of high performance no-cam sails like the NOA. Based on the high performance camber induced LIFT Freerace, the Freeride version delivers 90% of the performance plus easier rigging and handling.


Medium aspect ratio, precision leading edge shaping, and a foot geometry that is optimized to close the gap and endplate on the board while foiling (which typically requires a more vertical stance). A smooth, progressive twist profile makes the LIFT Freeride responsive, fast, and light in the hands, but there is still plenty of low end power to get you up on the foils in light conditions.


The LIFT Freeride is built using a hybrid construction of x-ply foot luff panels, optical quality window film and tinted laminated film body panels—the result is durable, light weight, and provides the optimum balance between structure and flexibility.


Who is it for?
The LIFT Freeride sail is great for foiling windsurfers looking for speed and control without the hassle of cams.

What’s it do?
The LIFT Freeride takes off early and delivers nearly the same straightline performance as it’s
camber-induced LIFT Freerace cousin.

Why is it unique?
This is a lightweight no-cam sail specifically optimized for fast foiling and easy to rig.

What’s new?
This all-new no cam foil sail combines light weight, easy handling and easy rigging with freerace performance.



  • 5 Battens/No Cams = Effortless control + lightweight
  • Powerful Foot Shaping = Early take-off + acceleration
  • Precision LE Shaping = Power on demand + holds shape
  • Laminated Film = Tough and lightweight + excellent shape holding

Naish Lift Windfoil Freeride sail

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  • Size Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Rec. Mast
    6.0 420 178 RDM 400
    6.6 442 190 RDM 430
    7.2 454 194 RDM 430


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