We are very pleased to announce that the Onewheel Pint is available!

We hold good stock of units and accessories and are ready to ship them out across Europe (ask us for other destinations).


Onewheels are unique light electric vehicles that are as close an experience to snowboarding or surfing as you will have on dry land. And now, with the Pint, a lot more people will be able to enjoy the Onewheel experience. If you’re looking for that signature Onewheel riding experience at an affordable price, Pint is the call. Perfect for life on the go, quick stoke sessions, zooming around college campuses, coffee runs, family fun, dog walks, micro-adventures and defeating boredom.


Onewheel Pint Specs:
Colors: Slate / Sand / ***Sage (exclusive one time only launch colour £50.00 more)***
Range: 9-13km
Retail Price: €1259
Recharge Time: 2 Hours (With Pint Ultracharger 50 Minutes)
Weight: 10.5kg
Top Speed: 25kmh

Onewheel Pint, Sage is a limited colour way. Once the initial production run of this colour way is complete, it will not be repeated. That means Sage will become a collectors’ item and maintain a very high resale value and WHILST STOCKS LAST is the same price as the Sand and Slate Pints.


We also offer a free fender (value 70€)!

For more information contact us.


Watch the Onewheel Pint video here!





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