We are very pleased to announce that the Onewheel is available!

We hold good stock of units and accessories and are ready to ship them out across Europe (ask us for other destinations).


Onewheels are unique light electric vehicles that are as close an experience to snowboarding or surfing as you will have on dry land.


The XR is the very greatest Onewheel available. It is the development everyone asked for, capable of 12-18 miles on one charge - almost DOUBLE the distance of its predecessor, the Onewheel+. It is like nothing else on the market and is a 'must-have' as soon as you get on it and experience the ride.  


The Onewheel+XR can be purchased directly from us. You can get hold of one of the hottest items in board-sports by calling the centre or paying online here. Onewheel is a super exciting, self balancing, intuitive and captivating motorised skateboard for off-road freedom! 


Range : 19-29 km

Top speed: 30 km/h

Recharge: 60- 110 mn

No remote control


We also offer a free fender (value 70€)!

For more information contact us.


Watch the Onewheel XR video here!





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