Made with M40J high modulus carbon prepreg, and guarantees unreached performances (High tensile strength and tensile modulus)

(Read our article about the differences of carbon fibers here)


The use of the High Modulus allows a super stiff mast for explosive accelerations, amazing control and uncompromised stability at high speed.


Some words from the CEO of Phantom, Alex Udin

“Our main goal was to design the finest racing windfoil on the market with the help of our fluid dynamics and structure analysis experts from the America's Cup.

We have been working for several years in close collaboration with Gonzalo Redondo (D3 Applied Technologies) and Brett Ellis, both from the AC community (American Magic team, and Artemis).

The Ultimate Racing Windfoil is the result of many hours of testing and performance data collection, including GPS, cameras and gyros (speed, VMG, healing angle, pitching angle, leeway…).

These datas allowed us to have precise inputs to run some very accurate CFD (Computerised Fluid Dynamics) and (Finite Element Analysis) simulations in real conditions with professional windsurfer Benjamin Tillier.

CFD and FEA are powerful tools previously and exclusively used for the design of racing yachts such as the America’s Cup or Formula 1.

Through these simulations, we optimized and refined the shape and structure of the foil in every details, and reached significant improvements in the efficiency and performance”.


Phantom Iris Race foil

  • Mast: 105 cm – Carbon Prepreg High Modulus M40J

    Front Wing: 900 cm2 – Carbon Prepreg High Modulus M40J

    Rear Wing: 250 cm2 – Carbon Prepreg High Modulus M40J

    Fuselage: 110 cm – Aluminium 6061-T6

    Entirely dismountable

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