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Rake tuning has become as normal as tuning the angle of the stab for racers. 

To do so, you need these small spacers to be placed inside the deep tuttle box, squizzed between the front screw and the foil. You can choose the thickness of the spacer to fine-tune the ideal mast rake angle according to the weather conditions.


The spacers have a hole to let the front screw of the foil go through it.

There is no need to place a spacer on the back screw, only at the front.

The spacers are made in very hard plastic material.

The spacers are placed in a bag made of a recycled paraglider. 


The set includes 10 spacers:

2 x 1 mm

2 x 2 mm

2 x 3 mm

1 x 4 mm

1 x 5 mm

1 x 6 mm

1 x 7 mm

1 x 8 mm



Rake Spacers



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