What is this tool?

The Rake Spacers enable to adjust the position of the mast compared to the the hull of the board. Changing this angle will affect the position of the fuselage. The angle of the fuselage compared to the hull of the board is called the rake angle.


For Race-foiling, rake tuning has become as normal as tuning the angle of the stab. 

Usually, the rake angle is between 1,5 and 2,5 degrees, but this is not always the case for all brands, and this angle is not something you can trim easily.


The rake spacers are the solution to trim the rake angle according to your preferences and conditions.

In general, the stronger the wind and the rougher the sea, the thicker the spacer you should use.

Having more rake in strong conditions will help you to get more control and comfort.

When you over-foil, it will also help the board  popping up again and avoid crashing.


How to use the rake spacers:

You can choose between 8 different thicknesses according to the conditions.


1- Place the spacer at the bottom and front of the foil box.

2- Put on the foil and tighten the front screw to block the rake spacer at the bottom of the foil box. 3- Then tighten the back screw.


How to measure the rake angle?

- Download one of the free application “level” on your smartphone to measure the rake angle. for example "Buble Level".

- Place your board upside down on the ground and put the foil on.

- Place your smartphone flat on the hull of the board near the mast of the foil and calibrate to "zero". 

- Then place the smartphone flat on top of the foil to check the angle of the fuselage compared to the board.



- The spacers have a hole to let the front screw of the foil go through it.

- There is no need to place a spacer on the back screw, only at the front.

- The spacers are made in very hard plastic material. However they are softer than the carbon head of the foil so it doesn't damage the foil. That's the reason why the there are 2 spacers for the most used sizes (1 to 3 mm): it's better to change a replace a used spacer than a used carbon mast ;-)

- The spacers are placed in a bag made of a recycled paraglider. 

- The spacers will work best with foils without support plate


The set includes 8 spacers:

2 x 1 mm

2 x 2 mm

2 x 3 mm

1 x 4 mm

1 x 5 mm




Rake Spacers



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