The WH FLIGHT ALU 85 has his highest performance in lightwind conditions, it allows to enter in the water with 7-8 knots and is extremely easy and fast.


Made with an 85cm long mast which is assembled with a dedicated plate with Tuttlebox inserts.


The 120 cm long Fuselage allows an earlier take off and a longer full height flight even when the wind gets lighter. You can foil with ease for longer distances, having a better control and find your desired trim even with gusty wind. Jibing will be a lot easier and smoother and the upwind performance will be greatly improved.


The hybrid carbon wings, 80 cm in the front and 38cm the rear, are the best compromise in terms of lightwind and top speed.


Mast: 85 cm

Fuselage: 120 cm (or 100 and 110)

Front wing: 80 cm

Back wing: 38 cm

Weight: 2,5 kg



RRD WH Flight Alu 85



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