The ProFOIL.F1 mast / fuselage assembly can be dismantled.

Construction : full carbon prepreg single piece structure:
UD fibre high module 390 GPA HM + biaxial carbon 290 GPA IM.
Length : 90 cm.
Fixing to the fuselage: screws and stainless steel inerts / safety restraint.
Finishing : sanding / Grain 1200 > Optimization of the water on water gliding.


Fuselage :
Construction : full carbon single piece.
Length : 90 cm / optimal length. Optimal length to create the best balance of forces between the main wingand the stabilizer.
Upgradable geometry
Finishing : sanding / Grain 1200 > Limitation of drag, no refusal of surface


Front wing : 2 available sizes >W.850 or W.750

The wings of the ProFOIL.F1 are pre-twisted on the ends to reduce drag as the speed increases. They are equipped with a gull wing dihedral for 2 reasons:

1 - It concentrates the flow for more control. This increases longitudinal and transversal stability.

2 - The ends of the wings are lower: they increase the list by favouring performance of the end of the wing which ismore isolated from the surface of the water.


The ProFOIL.F1 wings have a powerful profile with a high reserve of acceleration.The sanded finish on the appendices limits untimely take-offs, making the control of the foil more predictable.
Construction : full carbon prepreg.
Powerful profile with strong acceleration reserve
Finishing : sanding / grain 1200 > water on water contact
Fixing : 3 stainless steel screws / Diameter 6 mm




Board mounting :
2 connection plates + stainless steel bolts and barrel nuts.
CP TOP to distribute the clamping forces on the deck.
CP BOTTOM to lock and secure the foil


Stabilizer - 4 choices:

EVO. Stab A and B for freeride boards (A > 80 kg, B < 80 kg)

PRO. Stab A and B for dedicated windfoil boards (A > 80 kg, B < 80 kg)
Construction : Carbon fr4 > High precision machining
Stabilizer built into the fuselage : very low drag
Finishing : sanding / grain 1200
Fixing : 2 stainless steel screws / Diameter 6 mm.

IMPORTANT : The stabilizer must be chosen depending on the type of board used and the weight of the rider.


Fuselage/Wings fixation : Block system fixation
> Stainless steel screws in stainless steel inserts directly embedded
in the mould during the manufacturing of the mast.
> An unbreakable, simple and safe system !




Do not hesitate to take contact with us with you have any question about this product.




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