For 2020 we will see 2 new boards in the collection besides the Levitator and the Wizard. The freestyle 87L and freestyle 115L.

If you want to ride waves, pull the latest freestyle tricks, or simply enjoy the control of 3 inboard straps, the Freestyle 115 will allow you to play in very light winds. The Freestyle 87 is the board for dedicated foilers who want to foil even when the wind is strong.


The new freestyle 115L is the go-to board for wave sailors, freestylers or anybody who demands a centered footstrap position for full control of both rails (for controlled wave riding or switch stance freestyle moves).


The thick skimboard shaped outline packs a ton of volume in a compact size. The board offers easy uphauling and plenty of float to get you up on the foil in even the lightest breezes.


Opting for the more outboard 4-strap configuration will provide great upwind and downwind angles.


Length: 6’2’’ ft (189 cm)

Volume: 115 

Weight: 9,6 kg 

Sail size: 4.5m to 8.0m


The Freestyle 87 has a compact skimboard outline helps to pack tons of volume into a compact shape. It can handle blasting wind speeds while giving you a direct-to-foil feeling with no noticeable swing weight.


Big enough to get in 5.0 conditions, the freestyle 87 is the choice for smaller manoeuver oriented riders or anyone who plans to foil even if it’s windy enough for fun classic windsurfing.


Like its bigger brother, the freestyle 115, it has both track mount and tuttle box in the tail, allowing to mount industry standard tuttle foils along with the tenability of a sliding track mount.


Features: Inboard 3 footstraps option, or more outboard 4 strap option. Tail cut-outs and double concave bottom shape for early release. Light and stiff carbon construction.


Length: 5’6’’ ft (171 cm)

Volume: 87L

Weight: 9,2 kg 

Sail size: 5.0m to 9.0m


Read also this article about the differences between the 87L and the 115L boards


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