Windsurf Foil

Free ride, performance, easy and accessible.

You can start flyig at 6 knots with this Windfoil.

The W-foil is in carbon with aluminium fuselage.

You can adapt this Windsurf Foil to all the board having a Deep Tuttle box.

You can change the size of the wing.

A large front wing will be easier. The RS Large wing gives you rapid take-off, still with excellent glide and speed. The smaller front wing will make you go faster.


The wings and mast are in carbon, while the fuselage is in monobloc aluminium for maximum rigidity.

The profuile is optimised to reduce drag and increase the windfoil’s performance.


Its wings are fixed beneath the fuselage to further increase the foil’s rigidity and hold at high speed. The mast plugs into a mast insert and is held in place by three screws.


EASY and FAST with the small wing

All the wings have been tested using hydrodynamic simulation to optimise performance.


This windfoil offers outstanding accessibility, perfect for beginners.

And if it’s a real sensation of speed you’re after, you have the option of a faster wing (RS – Medium - 650 cm2). The RS-Medium wing gives you stability, and a smooth ride at high speed.

A 650 cm² wing highly stable which offers a very good control with a strong wind, even though you started with a light wind. Winglets make the foil stable in high speed and therefore offers a maximum of stability lateral & longitudinal. Length: 745 mm – Surface area: 650 cm²


  • Mast

    85 cm


    92 cm

    Front wing span

    77 cm

    Front wing surface

    1000 cm2

    Back wing span

    42.5 cm


    5 Kg


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