228 x 100.5 CM | 177 L

Thin and shaped with an ultra-wide tail, the 177 climbs upwind and holds itself steady in the most difficult conditions. The ultra-wide nose generates massive lift to give it the earliest take-off, helps it find the deepest downwind angles and allows racers to tack and take-off as fast as possible. Go for maximum VMG or bear off to gather speed: the 177 is designed to put the odds on your side and give racers all the options.


Fit the Starboard Race foil and go upwind/downwind faster, more efficiently and at angles you’d never thought possible.


The cut-aways on the tail improve top-end speed by reducing the wetted surface area and allowing the fin to generate more lift.


The planing surface is wide between the front and back footstraps to increase lift, allow the board to get planing early and reduce drag in light winds.


Carbon Reflex is Starboard's flagship technology, built to be lightest and fastest.





  • Model



    Carbon Reflex




    228.5 cm


    91 cm

    Tail Width

    88.3 cm


    12 cm

    Fin Boxes

    Foil Box

    Sail Range

    6.5 - 10.0 m²

    Weight Carbon Reflex

    9.17 kg

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