FOIL RACE: The Foil Race 177 is designed for upwind/downwind course racing and PWA foil racing. The successor to the 2018 and 2019 World Champions, it is completely new with massive performance improvements.


Dimensions: 219x91cm. 177 liter.

The extra-wide tail and increased thickness give you power, control, and stability. Out of a tack or off the start, the 8cm step in the tail reduces the tail’s wetted surface area and the oversized cutaways get you planing super quick for a faster take-off.


Airflow is improved over the new nose profile and a deep deck concave increases lift, promoting the earliest take-off, adding power in light winds and allowing the nose to be shortened 8cm. This shorter nose reduces swing weight, again helping earlier take-off, it makes the board more responsive, adds control in high winds and gives you more upwind angle.



With more lift, more power and less swing weight, you can take advantage of every wind shift, fly through lulls and get to the upwind mark, downwind mark and across the finish line in pole position.


The Foil Race 177 is available in Carbon Reflex construction:  Starboard's lightest, flagship construction that combines the lightest biaxial carbon and uni-directional flat-weaved carbon to make the lightest and fastest foil board possible.


Watch the Product video of the new Foil Race 177




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